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Chicora Life Center Featured in Palmetto Business Daily's Top 10 Stories of 2015

BodyPalmetto Business Daily has listed its top 10 most-read stories of 2015 — and the Chicora Life Center is featured in three of those stories.

Fetter Health Care Network: Chicora Life Center 'Great Place' for our Services

BodyFetter chose the Chicora Life Center because we were sold on the concept of a social services hub in the heart of North Charleston,” which has recently become revitalized and is on the bus line, which allows for full accessibility to all patients, Fetter Health Care Network Interim CEO Ruth Jordan told Palmetto Business Daily.

Chicora Life Center Enters into Long Term Lease with Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center

Chicora Life Center today announced that it has entered into a long term lease with Charleston Dorchester Mental Health Center.

County Council Member Darby Expects Chicora Life Center to be a "Success"

Henry Darby said he expects the Chicora Life Center Project

Chicora Life Center Launches Informational Web Site

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC — The Chicora Life Center has launched a new Web site ( designed to provide timely updates on the historic redevelopment project of the old naval hospital in North Charleston, SC.

UC Funds Backs N. Charleston Makeover

“Local government support of the project will result in a rebirth for this area,” Pecoy said. “Once completed, others will look at this development as a landmark example of a successful public-private partnership that will provide a model for community revitalization across America.”

Chicora Life Center manager updates county finance committee on project status

Chicora Life Center manager Doug Durbano made a formal statement on Thursday, Oct. 8 after making a presentation to the Charleston County Board’s Finance Committee about the progress of the historic redevelopment project. “Our team was pleased to update the Finance Committee today on the continued progress of the Chicora Life Center,

Chicora Life Center Meeting Contract Goals, Acting in Good Faith

Doug Durbano, manager, Chicora Life Center, issued the following statement today following his presentation to the Charleston County Board’s Finance Committee regarding the progress of the historic redevelopment project: